Update and What's to come in November

Sorry its been a few weeks since I have last updated. I have been battling with a severe Kidney Infection and it has exhausted me to the brink of sleeping most of the day.  I am slowly starting to recover and writing out new blog ideas and reviews.  
First off, I have a few things coming from Sephora to review, not much, but some lipsticks and glosses, since it is that time of year where I do start to wear lipstick instead of just a sheer gloss.

Secondly. I signed up to try and receive some Blog/Vlog samples from GlamourDollEyes.
I heard of this place through ZadiDoll, a well known beauty blogger so I thought I would give it a go, and I also made a few purchases as well.  So when that Arrives, or if I get a response from them, I will be doing a review.

So around Halloween I will be doing a huge review on a palette that I am enjoying tremendously.
The Kat Von D "Spellbinding" Palette and the 10 Kat Von D Mini Lipstick set.
Swatches for those all will be up before halloween.  ALso I will be doing an EOTD (eye of the day) Tutorial using those shadows.

November 1st is my birthday so I am going to also do a Birthday look as well. ;)

O have so many products that I have not reviewed yet that I am making plans for. So stay tuned for that.

On another note with my 2 Sub boxes Ipsy and Birchbox,  I have decided to drop Ipsy.
In my honest opinion I have never received anything worthy of keeping them. I continually get NYX Cosmetics, and yes, I know they are a popular brand among some, but being a makeup professional, I find the products to be cheap, not very pigmented and too powdery to stay on even using my primer.  I have bought plenty of NYX when it first became available and in all honesty, I do not prefer the brand. Plus Ipsy sends me things that I said I did not prefer to be in my bag. Such as BigSexyHair,  all the time. I wanted no hair products.  But every month there they are.  Ipsy seems more for those who are just starting out in the makeup world. 

Birchbox on the other hand sends super small samples, BUT, they are more high end cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products and because of them I have found some things that I truly adore and that I purchased full sized from their website. Plus I love their points system.  And when it comes to any issues, they are immediate with a response and always deliver.  Whereas Ipsy, came broken, torn, busted and never even shipped me another product or refund.  Any company that has an issue with a client who's products were broken or missing upon arrival should correct their mistakes.

Anyways!  I seen this other sub box that is hella more expensive called "Wantable" but it is all full size and more high end.  So, I am giving that a try next month.

I really wish I could afford more different types of products to review for you all, but times are hard :)
So if any company would like to have their products honestly reviewed, swatched and used in a tutorial, send me an e-mail at
AshSangreMUA@aol.com  This is a business e-mail only.

Hope you all stay safe this Halloween season and keep loving makeup


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