Sensitive dry skin woes The Best thing for it!

SO as some of you may have read my previous posts, I have extreme dry skin, whether it be from my Diabetes, or the Michigan weather, It's dry, like OMG.  My skin is super sensitive and likes to flake with makeup and easily gets irritated, While I do not get acne at all, I do get red skin.

I have tried countless home remedies, and purchased over the top priced creams and elixirs.
While none of them worked, some left my skin worse, or even made it inflamed. I was tired of paying over $100 for a small jar of supposed Dry Skin Miracle Cream.

So I took to the beauty profile.
It asks you a serious of questions about you skin, hair type, eye color, etc. All to give you a good selection of what would work for you.

So I seen when I was making a purchase last month that it was recommending a brand of cream called 
Ultra Repair Cream
Intense Therapy

I read the reviews and they were great. Most people with the same skin issues as well as it being sensitive.

Ss I bought the Cleanser and Cream

I can honestly say, I may not have a side by side comparison yet for photo, but my skin automatically smoothes out. The redness vanishes and my skin feels so hydrated without the heavy oil feeling.  It is weightless and feels like whipped cream. Very cooling and invisible on the skin

I love this brand.  My pores have shrunk alot as well. 
This stuff is really good. I suggest anyone with Sensitive skin, Eczema, Rosacea  or any other skin issues to try this.  It is very good in price for a huge jar too!!

Take a chance with this!!

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