GlamourDollEyes IG Shadows and more.

So I have been going bananas over Glamourdolleyes shadows. They are simply the best pigments I have tried next to MAC.  And as I have said before, I don't usually do pigments or loose shadows.
But here I am with yet another blog with more swatches of goodness for you eyecandy viewing pleasure.

These here are the IG (Instagram Girls) shadow collection made by girls on IG.  They were on sale so I bought alot, plus more is on it's way *I know, I am a makeup-a-holic*

Here are the swatches for these colors that I have so far!

From left to right:
  • Mermaid Kisses: A lovely very metallic and shimmery purple that reminds me of an amethyst
  • HayGirlHayy: An aquatic turquoise blue, this just pops at you very Caribbean oceanic
  • Mermaid Dreams: A shimmery aquatic green that looks like the fin of a mermaid
  • Vamp: A sexy Matte brick red that screams dried blood. This looks amazing for fall & holidays
These are so darned pigmented you barely need any to get this quality and this is with NO PRIMER!
Can you imagine having these colors over pigment or a NYX jumbo milk pencil?!

I love these so far and have been using these to create a watercolor effect on my eyes with a small dab on my finger of Bi Facial Lancome makeup remover and smudging so lightly, it creates this awesome transformation that looks like a watercolor painting!

Next up!

Regular shadows for GDE
I seen this and just had to try them, such beautiful colors!
Take a Look!!

So pretty right?
From left to right
  • Dusk: A deep blue with lighter blue shimmer
  • Glam Girl: A soft shimmery purple with maybe lavender or silver undertones
  • FrankenGlamour: Such a toxic green! I love it. Voltageous! This has a slight yellow shimmer
  • Angel Wings: A beautiful soft radiant white shimmer with silver undertones
These are A-mazing...  Just saying

Check out their website @



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