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Influenster Vow Vox Box Review

@Influenster Was nice enough to send me the #VowVoxBox this past week and I was pleasantly surprised with what was inside.
  • A $30.99 jar of @Olay Regenerist Luminous.  A full sized jar!  
  • A Tide to Go pen
  • An Eco-tools Facial Scrubber
  • Sally Hansen Nailpolish in "Barracuda"
  • And Last but not least, a can of Pure Silk Rasberry Shave Cream

Everything has been put to use.

The Olay is nice, it does make the skin soft with a dewy glow, but it is very thick and tends to roll off the skin.

The Tide to go pen is awesome, it really does work on stains very well.

The Eco Tools Scrubber works amazing with my exfoliater

The Nail Polish is not my cup of tea, I do not wear pastels and was never fond of Sally Hansen

And the shave cream works fairly well, Leaves the skin soft

SO in all, This Box was pretty good.

If you are interested in getting an Invite to Influenster, Please leave a comment with your e-mail and I will send you one!




Update HACKED!

I am so sorry for the lack of updates. Since Feb I have had 0 luck logging into my google account. somehow someone had hacked me and enabled a 2 step verification with their phone number. SO google was having issues allowing me back in.  Once I provided enough prrof and went through a lengthy wait. I was finally able to log back in today!!!

I have so many thing to show all of my faithful blog viewers

Tutorials, Swatches, Trends and even some Body Positivity awareness and health related things.  I am eventually going to make a website that links with this blog with a discussion section for topics related to all things beauty.

Please be patient while this is in progress.

I will be doing a few blogs this week!  Keep watch and thanks for understanding




Sensitive dry skin woes The Best thing for it!

SO as some of you may have read my previous posts, I have extreme dry skin, whether it be from my Diabetes, or the Michigan weather, It's dry, like OMG.  My skin is super sensitive and likes to flake with makeup and easily gets irritated, While I do not get acne at all, I do get red skin.

I have tried countless home remedies, and purchased over the top priced creams and elixirs.
While none of them worked, some left my skin worse, or even made it inflamed. I was tired of paying over $100 for a small jar of supposed Dry Skin Miracle Cream.

So I took to the beauty profile.
It asks you a serious of questions about you skin, hair type, eye color, etc. All to give you a good selection of what would work for you.

So I seen when I was making a purchase last month that it was recommending a brand of cream called 
Ultra Repair Cream
Intense Therapy

I read the reviews and they were great. Most people with the same skin issues as well as it being sensitive.

Ss I bought the Cleanser and Cream

I can honestly say, I may not have a side by side comparison yet for photo, but my skin automatically smoothes out. The redness vanishes and my skin feels so hydrated without the heavy oil feeling.  It is weightless and feels like whipped cream. Very cooling and invisible on the skin

I love this brand.  My pores have shrunk alot as well. 
This stuff is really good. I suggest anyone with Sensitive skin, Eczema, Rosacea  or any other skin issues to try this.  It is very good in price for a huge jar too!!

Take a chance with this!!

Chirality Nail Polish Ghosts of Chirality "Scpectre" polish Swatches

So I have been getting into nail polishes lately and decided to try another indie polish besides my usual love for #CarpenoctemCosmetics @CarpenoctemCosmetics

This lovely swatch is from Indie Polish company called "CHIRALITY"
A 3-free polish that is cruelty free as well, and who doesn't love that?
They just came out this month with a collection called 
and being my spooky self I just had to have them (courtesy of my loving mom)
So I got Spectre and Apparition

Spectre is a very beautiful
Lilac Linear Holographic Polish
It is very vibrant and opaque. I achieved this after 1 coat of Spectre and Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat and Barielle Manicure Extender.
Please do not mind the short nails, that will be fixed shortly. I just couldn't wait to try this out and show everyone.
Also Left side is Natural Light/ Right is Sunlight

Hope you enjoy and there is much more to come from this #IndiePolish company


Decembers Featured Artist "Carpe Noctem Cosmetics"

Photo Credited to "Potions In Motion Nail Blog"
Who doesn't love the perfect nail polish?
I am a huge fan of all things nails and had recently found an shop that had the BEST polishes a girl could ask for!

With amazing Polishes that range from Sexy Holographic to Amazing Glitter!
All of her polishes are 3 Free nailpolish base

With awesome Colors with great names like
Don't Panic
The Blob
I'm a Big F*****g Deal
Rainbow in the Dark

She also does beautiful Customs specific to your order!

Thanks to Potions in Motion Nail Blog we have some amazing photos to show you of some of her best Colors!!

Credit to Potions in Motion Nail Blog
Credit to Potions in Motion Nail Blog
Credit to Potions in Motion Nail Blog
Credit to Potions in Motion Nail Blog
Credit to Potions in Motion Nail Blog

Thank you to 
For all the amazing photos
Please check out her Blog and her Facebook

Remember to check out CarpeNoctemCosmetics and make an order!  

You will not be disappointed  ;)

Her current Holiday Collection is up to Buy!!!!


Happy Holidays Everyone



So sorry for the lack of updates, I am battling with a bad case of Bronchitis and the Flu at the same time, plus getting all these packages in the mail, that I have not had the time to go through anything to write a review, plus I do not to swatch and do any looks while I am sick to prevent the products from being icky.
On the way I have these to review:
Liptick Queen sets
Tarte Lipsurgence set
GlamourDollEyes shadows
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Nail Polishes
Avant Garde Nail Polishes
Laura Gellar stacked set
Bare Minerals stacked shadows

SO those are up on the chopping block for next week.
Stay tuned!


EOTD (Eye Of the Day) Featuring Glamourdolleyes

I am a huge comic nerd, I love Heroic comics of awesome superheroes that save people in need and decided to do an #eotd
*eye of the day*
What colors do you think of when you hear the word "HERO"?
I see stunning Superman Blue's, Radiant Spiderman Red's and Amazonian Wonder Woman Gold's!!
Colors that surely POP and bring attention.
So my bold creation with the amazing GlamourDollEyes pigments in
  • Bird?Plane!- Bright shimmering cool blue
  • Light Speed: Shimmering cool Gold
  • Spider-Sense: Deep Red/Burgundy with Golden sheen
So for this look I used a MAC 239 shadow brush to apply the pigments and a MAC 217 blending brush, and to create the perfect crease I used a MAC 266 Liner edged brush to make sure the colors stayed in a solid line.

To create this blue lid I slightly wet the 239 brush and patted the pigment on the lid  for a more pigmented look then slightly blended towards the middle of my lid for a drift effect.

Then I used the same brush and placed in the half middle of the eye into the corner of the eye.
I used the same brush to create an arched red over the entire brow bone and crease bringing it outward to meet the blue.
To finish the colors I placed the gold on the upper brow bone under the eyebrow for a sheer glow.

To finish this eye I used a Liquid pen liner from LORAC and Benefit Mascara winging out the liner for a dramatic effect.

And that is the eotd that I have dubbed


Hope you enjoy

Please visit
for more of these amazing shadows!!

Facebook Page for updates and Giveaway Alerts

Official FaceBook Page
This page will be for specific up to date new that will be on the blog in the future plus giveaway alerts!
This is just an easier solution to get you all involved!


Novembers Featured MUA "Britni Bloodshed"

All Photos Credit and Copyrighted to Britni Bloodshed Of Shedding Skin Effects


My name is Britni, or otherwise known as Shedding Skin Effects. I've always had an affinity for horror and gore, and in my opinion there can never be enough blood. I started experimenting with makeup and special effects work when I was 16 but only ever used myself as a canvas. It wasn't until about a year ago that I opened myself up to the idea of making this into a potential business and working events or for personal hire. Ever since I created Shedding Skin Effects, the door of opportunity has swung wide open. I'm lucky enough to have the support of many amazing artists to let me showcase my work through their media outlets being photography, modeling, performing or blogging. I recently began making masks and the popularity of this aspect is shocking. I couldn't be happier doing what I do, I've found my passion and I'm lucky enough to live it out. The face and body are our greatest canvasses. We have the ability to conform ourselves into any character we choose, with a little help. Let me help you "Shed Your Skin"!

Here is some of her amazing work!

Model: Lauren Perry

Model: Lauren Perry

Model: Lani Conklin

Britni Bloodshed

As a MUA and FX Artist myself I really admire her work. WHen I seen her page on facebook, I just had to add her and ask her to be on my Blog.
She is seriously an inspiration  
While her work can be quite beautiful, it can be truly spooky and amazing!

Please take the time to check out her Facebook Page and Like it!


GlamourDollEyes Halloween Collection 2013

Yea, so I seen a post from Zadidoll about the upcoming halloween collection from GDE a little over a week ago and jumped right on that.  I bought the 2 shadow collections which contains 4 shadows each in the perfectly adorable black bags with gold stars. Great for the theme
Anyways, when I got them in the mail, I fell head over heels and nearly cried over the fact when I went to get more, my fave color was SOLD OUT!  Tardy to the party I guess.
So here are the pictures of them in the bags and the Swatches! 

From left to right
  • Arsenic: a Glowing metallic copper
  • Grave Robber: s shimmering black with brown undertones, maybe gold
  • Funeral Parlor: a deep plum shimmery purple
  • Zombie Bride: a deeper green than FrankenGlamour but with golden yellow undertone
  • Hearse Ride: a Shimmering midnight black with silver undertones
  • Bella Donna: a lovely teal blue with a brighter blue shimmer
  • Parlor Tricks: a deep Lilac with silver sheen
  • Bone Voyage: a bright silver with white shimmer

 As you can see, these are highly pigmented and perfect for halloween or actually any day for me since I am a spooky little one.
I don't know if any of these are available anylonger. 

Hope you enjoyed
Check out the website

Happy Halloween!!!!

GlamourDollEyes IG Shadows and more.

So I have been going bananas over Glamourdolleyes shadows. They are simply the best pigments I have tried next to MAC.  And as I have said before, I don't usually do pigments or loose shadows.
But here I am with yet another blog with more swatches of goodness for you eyecandy viewing pleasure.

These here are the IG (Instagram Girls) shadow collection made by girls on IG.  They were on sale so I bought alot, plus more is on it's way *I know, I am a makeup-a-holic*

Here are the swatches for these colors that I have so far!

From left to right:
  • Mermaid Kisses: A lovely very metallic and shimmery purple that reminds me of an amethyst
  • HayGirlHayy: An aquatic turquoise blue, this just pops at you very Caribbean oceanic
  • Mermaid Dreams: A shimmery aquatic green that looks like the fin of a mermaid
  • Vamp: A sexy Matte brick red that screams dried blood. This looks amazing for fall & holidays
These are so darned pigmented you barely need any to get this quality and this is with NO PRIMER!
Can you imagine having these colors over pigment or a NYX jumbo milk pencil?!

I love these so far and have been using these to create a watercolor effect on my eyes with a small dab on my finger of Bi Facial Lancome makeup remover and smudging so lightly, it creates this awesome transformation that looks like a watercolor painting!

Next up!

Regular shadows for GDE
I seen this and just had to try them, such beautiful colors!
Take a Look!!

So pretty right?
From left to right
  • Dusk: A deep blue with lighter blue shimmer
  • Glam Girl: A soft shimmery purple with maybe lavender or silver undertones
  • FrankenGlamour: Such a toxic green! I love it. Voltageous! This has a slight yellow shimmer
  • Angel Wings: A beautiful soft radiant white shimmer with silver undertones
These are A-mazing...  Just saying

Check out their website @




tarte All Eye Need Holiday 5-piece Skinny SmolderEYES

I am an eyeliner fanatic. I see it, I must have it. Especially when I know the brand is good
I enjoy the tarte line tremendously and have been busy buying alot of their products

Such as this
These come with 5 lovely eyeliners and a small eyeliner sharpener which comes in handy
The packaging was super adorable and very festive
I have been using these like mad.
Usually Black on the Top lid and another color on the waterline for a smoldering look!

Lets see some swatches!!

Colors from Left to Right
(I did make a smaller line and smudged to show the effect)

  • Onyx: A very deep shimmering black 
  • Bronze Agate: A lovely golden brown with shimmery copper highlights
  • Smoky Quartz: A Grey smoke that looks like rainclouds
  • Peridot Green: A shimmering green that reminds me of a forest and when blended, very mossy
  • Plum Tanzanite: A shimmering deep plum with golden undertones 

I love these colors and am planning on getting the huge holiday collection to ass to my makeup barrage!

I give these a 10/10
The staying power is amazing and they glide on like a dream with easy blending capability, and they are very pigmented

The Retail Price is $32.98


Josie Maran Argan Bright & Beautiful 6-pc. Natural Beauty Coll Fair/Light

I have never tried any of the Josie Maran products before, and seen this set on QVC, I was anxious to try it because you hear so many good things about "Argan Oil" since I have dry skin I figured this could be a miracle product for me lol.
Anyways, onto whats inside the big box!

 Starting from the top then moving Left to Right
  • Josie Maran Foundation Brush in 001
  • Argan Oil .5 FL ounces/15 ML
  • Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation 1 fl oz/ 30 ML
  • Argan Brightening Face Balm with brush .30 oz/ 8.4g
  • Coconut Watercolor Cheek Jelly in "Island Pink" .18oz/5.1g
  • Argan Love your Lips Hydrating Lipstick in "Tickled Pink" .12oz
Lets get some Close Up's Shall we?

So lets get started.

I did try this as soon as I opened the box
The Argan oil feels like heaven on your skin when it needs to be quenched
Not too oily, not too watery, just right and my skin literally soaks it up but it leaves a baby soft feeling that makes you keep touching your face

Next I tried the Foundation with the brush.
The brush!!!  So soft, like whispers on your skin during application and it does apply well
The foundation comes out looking like white liquid but after going into your skin, it changes to your shade leaving a bright healthy looking glow
Good coverage as well, I would say a sheer medium coverage with a dewy look

The brightening balm is like a halo pressed into a compact
It is a wonderful highlighter on the skin.
Use this on the high planes or areas that need a bit more coverage
It is very creamy and not heavy
The brush is super soft and works well to apply

The cheek jelly is very sheer, almost no real pigmentation
It applies like a jelly stain but looks like a natural flush on the cheeks, it was so light that when I used the camera for a swatch it would not show.
I have to do a full face to show you what it does
It is beautiful when applied

The Lipstick is also very, very light
More so you get the oil than a color but it leaves your lips feeling lush and hydrated but with a hint of a lip flush color

In all I give this kit a 9/10
only because I thought the colors in the jelly and lipstick would be more bright, but I prefer it this way as you can look Au Natural
Retail Price: 85.00