GlamourDollEyes Blogger/Vlogger Set of Eyesahdow Pigments Review & Swatches

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I have found my new Eyeshadow Pigment Palace
I usually hate pigments with a fiery burning passion 
I adore these
I simply love them
The color schemes are amazing, they have so many, and man are the pigmented
I have tried many places for supposed great pigments and they were letdowns of the highest degree
These on the otherhand are perfect
Highly pigments with great blendable substance
And the prices, Oh how I love them
And the fact that you can buy samples!!
Who wants to buy something and hate it and had to have paid a fortune?
Not this girl.
They have packet samples which are in small baggies and sample jars.

Now onto this set
You can buy a set for 6 colors of your choice to try for review on your Vlog/Blog
and these are the ones that I chose!!

Sample Jars
all shadows were used with CoastalScents brush in S04
From left to right:
  1. Melancholy: a bright blue color with low sheen
  2. Lace Panties:  a light purple with gold undertones
  3. Ahoy Sailor:  a deep navy that is matte
  4. Bruised: a deep purple with black and light blue shimmer
  5. Unicorn: a pale pink with silver sparkle
  6. Catwalk: a Blurple with darker undertones
  7. Celestial Crow: a black blue with a green shimmer
  8. BOTTOM- Victorian: a dark purple with pink sheen
All of these colors are truly amazing and I love them all.
I will be creating many looks using these and the other sets I have ordered!!

Thanks to GlamourDollEyes for allowing us Bloggers such great products to review!

I give these a 10/10
 Super pigmented, easy to blend, superior colors and great prices

Sample Baggies retail at $1.25
Sample Jar $2.50
Full Size $6.00

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Tell them I sent you!!