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My name is Britni, or otherwise known as Shedding Skin Effects. I've always had an affinity for horror and gore, and in my opinion there can never be enough blood. I started experimenting with makeup and special effects work when I was 16 but only ever used myself as a canvas. It wasn't until about a year ago that I opened myself up to the idea of making this into a potential business and working events or for personal hire. Ever since I created Shedding Skin Effects, the door of opportunity has swung wide open. I'm lucky enough to have the support of many amazing artists to let me showcase my work through their media outlets being photography, modeling, performing or blogging. I recently began making masks and the popularity of this aspect is shocking. I couldn't be happier doing what I do, I've found my passion and I'm lucky enough to live it out. The face and body are our greatest canvasses. We have the ability to conform ourselves into any character we choose, with a little help. Let me help you "Shed Your Skin"!

Here is some of her amazing work!

Model: Lauren Perry

Model: Lauren Perry

Model: Lani Conklin

Britni Bloodshed

As a MUA and FX Artist myself I really admire her work. WHen I seen her page on facebook, I just had to add her and ask her to be on my Blog.
She is seriously an inspiration  
While her work can be quite beautiful, it can be truly spooky and amazing!

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