Tarte Kiss & Makeup 5-piece Holiday Amazonian ButterLipsticks Review & Swatches

I purchased these from QVC on a whim.  I normally dislike anything from Tarte because previous items had clogged my pores and made my skin even more dry than usually thanks to the amazonian clay.
But I heard they have reformulated their products since and I decided to give them a go with these.
I am a lipstick lover and found these to be quite enticing. You think "Butter" and automatically your mind says, "Soft, smooth, creamy"..
Well with that in mind. That is true with these lipsticks.
This set is amazing!!

They glide on like butta!!!   seriously.
And the smell! Oh so peppermint divine!  It smells like the holiday with each and everyone of these lush sticks

I adore the packaging. I like anything when it comes to different cases for products. I love M.A.C, don't get me wrong, but all the cases are the same. I have to open each one to see what color it is because the writing is so small I can never tell.
But these are individual and have their own color scheme.
Plus look how cute!!  The beautiful trees and flowers. It reminds me of something japanese.

Aren't these colors just beautiful?
Pigmented and glossy!!

Colors from left to right:
Candy Red: A delicious red that looks like a candied apple
Pink Poinsettia: A pouty pink that has a rose tint
Merry Berry: A lush berry color with a hint of mauve
Sweet Peach: This is a pink/peach that has a slight hint of coral to it
Angelic Nude: A lovely nude/ pale Taupe with a rose shimmer

I give these a 10/10
They are pigmented but they feel amazing on the lips, and with the addition of peppermint that gives it a buzz for plumping as well
And the packaging is awesome
These retail at $39.58