Ipsy August 2013 Spoliers

Hey Ladies! It's that time again. The long wait of wondering what will arrive in this month's Ipsy bag.
I know how hard it is to try and hold yourself from checking out sneak peeks & spoilers. But hey, we are all super excited to see what we may get. And I have 2 spoilers so far for you and I hope your are as excited as I am for this month's upcoming bag!

We have our first spoiler of the month and it's an awesome one :)
"We think it's time you give the Glam Bag another try! August's bag is gonna be AMAZING. Many lucky subscribers will get this product from Urban Decay. And EVERYONE will get 5 personalized beauty products in an adorable makeup bag. Secure your spot on the Waitlist for a chance to get the August bag!"

It seems we may get 5 items in our glambag this month so here is hoping to getting the "Urban Decay" lipstick. It may be the new Revolution Lipsticks, but who knows.  Also by reading the description above, This is an AND-OR item.   (crosses fingers)   I am a huge Urban Decay fan and I have every palette they have made to date, almost all of the liners and all of the facial products and they are amazing.  

Spoiler #1:

This is the spoiler showing us the lip products from August GlamBags.
"Pro-lips at your fingertips from start to finish with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items."

As from the above spoiler, the left product is the Urban Decay lipstick and on the right it is "Noya Natural Lip Balm"   

The above Noya Balms are in "Cherry & Vanilla"

 Noya are great super soft balms that have a wonderful smell that doesn't smell fake.  
Personally I would rather have the UD Lipstick but I am happy with whatever I get for only $10.00 a month.

 Spoiler #2:

"Skin perfection is in session with one of these awesome August Glam Bag" 

 Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Scrub (light tube) and Pumpkin Mask (dark tube).
I have heard great reviews on this line and I am super excited to try it!

Spoiler #3:

"Boost your look from good to glam with this eye-popping item!"

This is Pixi Beauty Lash Boost Mascara!  Pixie is a great brand, and I am sure this product is amazing!

Spoiler #4

The products that we were able to identify so far:
 City Color Cheek Stain, Nailtini Nail Polish, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.
These are possibilities:
 NYX or Be a Bombshell blush, Mica Bella Earth eye shadow/highlighter, Pixi Eye Bright liner or Chella brow liner, Pacifica BB Cream.!!
SO many this month and we are all getting 5 products!

Spoiler #5

EEK!   Look at this super cute bag with crests on it!  I love purple and gold together, it really pops and it looks so adorable!

So far we have these:
  • Urban Decay Lipstick
  • Noya Lip Balm
  • Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub
  • Michael Todd Facial Mask
  • Pixi Lash Booster Mascara
  • City Color Cheek Stain
  • Nailtini Nail Polish
  • Smashbox Photo Ready Primer

If you have not tried Ipsy. Please give it a go. 3-5 beauty products per month and they are always awesome items.
Here is a Referral code if your interested!

Hope you guys liked what I have so far. I will be updating as we go!



Mini Sephora.com & Ulta.com and Birchbox.com Haul

So as some of my faithful readers may know, I am a serious makeup junkie. If I have a few spare dollars, I will go to Sephora.com or Ulta.com and Birchbox.com and find some clearance items that I want to try or buy something to get those free samples!  
So last week I ordered a few things and got some freebies along the way. And I tried everything, So here it is!

The Lovely ColorClub Wanderlust Collection!
Oh how lovely these enchanting colors are.  I can say some pretty nice stuff about these polishes. Sadly I don't have photos of my nails in them due to my previous blog being hacked, but I will use these again and post future updates of a Nail Look.
I seriously love these. The texture is amazing and it glides on with full coverage, not really needing to keep going over coat after coat. They remind me of "Lime Crime" nail polish, which is some of the best.  The colors are fantastic and great for summer orA~ just for awesome nail art.  
Colors are as follow from left to right:
London Calling: A refreshing Pastel Mint Green
Pardon my French: A lovely Pastel Lavender
Mod in Manhattan: A simple, yet elegant buttercream with a hint of peach
Reign in Spain: A perfect Coral with a pop of pastel
I suggest you buy them @ Birchbox.com before they sell out!

Sephora by OPI Nailpolish in "Techno Girl"
This is a sexy bright poppy pink. It is super nice and goes on great. Not thick nor thin. A perfect texture. I never really do pink, but I decided to try a hot bubble gum color and see how it goes.

Benetint oh Benetint! How I love thee!!!!!
I always hates Stains, they dried my skin out and looked to blotchy. Until I tried this.
I love, love, love the smell of this, it smells like walking into a rose garden after a heavy rain, The scent just fills the air and enraptures you.  
You can use this as a cheek or lip stain for a natural blush. It is not dark, but more or less soft looking.  I love to use this on my lips with a hint of balm over it.
The lower photo is 1 swatch on the left, 3 on the right to show layering.
If your into the natural look. Buy this!!

My Ulta Freebies!
From top to bottom:
Benefit Stay don't stray Eyeshadow Primer
Benefit Creaseless eyeshadow in "No Pressure"
Stilla Stay all day Liquid Lipstick in "BESO"

Ok, The primer is great, comparable to Urban Decay Primer Potion, but this has a flesh/nude color which I really like since most base primers are white, and I hate white primer.  

The creaseless shadow is pretty nice, I like the color, but it is a bit too shimmer for me personally, but it does stay pretty well. Comparable to MAC Paintpot

The lipstick is amazing. I usually don't go for the bright red's but.... This one is very sensational and reminds me of Snow White.  Very matte and stays forever (not literally people)  but pretty darn close.
It is comparable to Lime Crime Velvetines 

Pacifica Rollerball in Island Vanilla!  OMG it smells divine. Like vanilla sauce being cooked. It reminds me when I was little when my mom used to make vanilla sauce around christmas. It is almost an edible smell. LOL   Pacifica products smell super wonderful, all of the ones I have smelled are great!

Charlotte Russo A Summers Kiss Bronzer.  This stuff is the best bronzer I have ever used. Most are gross and make me feel orange. This gave me such a beautiful natural glow. I adore it!!!
It has a golden peachy glow to it to enhance skin, not cover it....

That is all for this little haul!
See you next time



July 2013 Birchbox

Hi Everyone! 
I finally got my Birchbox in the mail. This is my first box from them and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I got. Some things had a few "Ehh's" but otherwise I was very satisfied.
I am going to post photos of everything that was in the box and give a small review of each item.
So here we go!

First, I love the simple elegant packaging that it comes in. Not too much. 
The Theme this month was "POWER PLAY" based on USA's hit TV Series "SUITS"
I guess it is leaning towards business women who are in power.
Pretty decent.
Let's get to what's inside the bag...

The first item up on the chopping block for review is-
ModelCo Matte Lipstick in "Peony"

Ok. Let me get this straight. Basically this specific lipstick is supposed to be MATTE
UM NO....
No at all. If you look at the last photo, the color is sheer. with a high sheen. No Matte whatsoever.
I was very confused as to why they state it is a matte color when clearly it's not. So that was a thumbs down for me.
Secondly, it says that it is supposed to have major staying power. That is another big fat lie. It comes right off like lipgloss.  No joke.  I hate when companies say things that have no relevance towards the product. Just be simple, and honest. I mean that is what the consumers want right?
Lastly, the color.  It is a mauve color, with a hint of fuchsia.  But the mediocrity of the pigment leave it lackluster and grandma-ish.  It really drabs down the color of my skin.  So, this went straight to a family member. Hopefully they can get use out of it.
Sorry Birchbox.  This was a real no-no

Gena Pedicure Foot Cream-  What can I say. I hate anything for my feet. I specifically put in my quiz that I did NOT want body products. But, Eh. I got this crap. It smells odd and did absolutely nothing to my feet. I hope they stop sending stuff like this out in the boxes...   I also gave this to a family member.  Birchbox. Why???  lol. Onto the next!!!!

ICON India Oil-
Oh yes, this was nice. Even though I didn't want hair products. I did try this and loved it.  The scent. Oh let me tell you, it reminds me of my teen years when I went into the creepy magick stores that had all that nifty incense lit that made it all groovy :)
It does smell like that and it is kinda intoxicating.  The texture of this was nice, not too thin and not sticky. It felt so luxurious in my hair and made a huge difference in my dry locks.  I am def buying a bottle of this.  

Birchbox Hair pins!
How cute are these babies?  Heavy duty, sturdy and heavy for thick hair (sadly my hair is thin)
But these are uber adorable and will go great in my hair if I wear it to the side or up.  I love these and thought it was great that Birchbox would make these.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream-
Super awesome!  Best thing in this box! My skin is super dry and when I put this miracle cream on my skin felt sooooo good. And boy did it hydrate my skin.  It looked so much more healthy and glowing, the redness in my cheeks disappeared.  And it shrunk the tiny fine lines around my eyes.  Super small sample but I will be buying the full size tube. Thanks Birchbox for this amazing treatment!  I love it!

So I give this box a 7/10  Mainly because I hated the lipstick and the foot cream. But the rest was marvelous. Stay tuned for next month!



July: Featured Makeup Artist


This lovely MUA is Angie AKA Goldiestarling
One of my personal favorites that is out there in the infinite interwebz
I started watching her Youtube maybe 2 years ago. I found her methods to be honest and inspiring, and she just has such a casual sweetness about her that makes her videos easy and fun to watch

She does amazing tutorials ranging from Everyday looks, Burns, scars and wounds, down to some serious facepainting!

Her Newest Tutorial!

Check out the links for Goldie!

   ‪Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Inspired Makeup‬

 Check out her CutCrease!

In Addition to her being one of the best MUA's out there she is also a very talented Jewelry Designer.

Hope you enjoyed the first of many Featured MUA's
Stay tuned for next months!


Summer Go-To Products

Hey everyone. I have been getting tons of requests in my e-mail about what I use on a daily basis during the summer. Some of my facebook followers already know about my usual looks and what I tend to stand by. But for my new subscribers I will clue you in on everything I use. From Face to Body!
First off, I am a matte nut. I usually use matte everything, except for in the summer, I like that little extra OOMPH!  As does most women. Something to make them stand out in this dreaded weather that will make people turn, look and say "WOWZA!!"  Come on ladies, you know it's true.  What makes you different, what makes you stand out among the crowd!
 So lets get this started


Victoria's Secret SUNNY BRIGHTS "Love Rush" Buffing Body Wash
With Wild Currant & Bright Lily

Everyone loves to feel clean after a hot day or before one. I find it is better to shower early morning and late evening to cleanse the grime from your body after a hot day. I have used many products in my venture for something great. I have to have something IDEAL, so I can feel good not only about how I look, but also how I smell and how fresh I feel throughout the day. And I will be honest.
Yes ladies, VS has to have the BEST body care line I have ever used. I am so obsessed with the line of body care that I have almost maxed out my $500.00 credit card from there.  They carry such a huge variety, that any woman could find something suited to her preference.
This is my summer body wash. I use it daily and have maybe 6 bottles of the wash. Mind you, along with these scrubs/washes, they also come in sets with a body mist and lotion!  The smell is just amazing!

This has such an amazing fragrance, it reminds me of an herbal garden mixed with a floral garden all wrapped up into one sweet bottle. These scrubs have skin polishing Vitamin C beads that cleanses and nourishes.


 I have rear end length thin/fine straight hair that I color treat, and let me tell you, my hair does nothing but hang limp and look dry during the summer. I ended up stopping using any styling tools on my hair so it would not have any further damage. But unless you cut your hair, the blah stays. So I started looking for my miracle products for the summer to help the dullness fade away and add some oomph and POW!  I love beachy looking hair that waves and looks sexy, but I also love my hair to shine. So here is what I found!

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray & Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Let me just say, OMG. I never thought I could find anything that would texturize my hair into soft waves and an oil that literally repairs the lifelessness in my hair.  They really do work! And the oil smells to die for.  The beach spray however has more of a chemical smell, but when I use the oil it diffuses that.  I recommend both of these for drab dull hair to bring it back to life for summer.


Ok. Your face is your most important feature, it's what people look at first, ok, well most people :)
So I like to make sure my face is polished and glowing in the summer. Most of all I want to make sure it is clean, free of dirt and toxins that make you look older and cause early signs of aging.  I always use a scrub, a moisturizer then a bronzer or a glow base.  Here is what I use

 Philosophy Microderm Abrasion Scrub  Clinique Lotion and Victoria's Secret Bronzer

Here we have the Philosophy Microderm Abrasion Facial Scrub (only use this 2x weekly)
I use this two times a week to clean out my pores and give a healthy polished look. It strips away dead skin, clogged pores and toxins.  Afterward to cool it down I use the Clinique Moisturizing lotion, I have a previous blog about this product. And last but not least I use Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" Instant Glow Bronzing Mousse. This stuff smells heavenly! I can't explain, so I am not going to, just try it!   This gives me a super long lasting healthy looking freshly tanned look without actually being in the sun, You can use this all over.


Ok, so here are mt 2 fave things for priming my eyes and for eyeliner. You must have a primer in the summer to accentuate the colors you place on your eyes or they easily fade away. And it is always good to have a great summer eyeliner color that is not too heavy but appealing and long lasting

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original & Urban Decay 24-7 Eyeliner in "Mushroom
Urban Decay has always been one of my favorite companies for primer and eyeliners, they have a huge selection that no other company can match, they always come out with new bold shades but keep the classics.  The Primer Potion is super smooth, easy to apply and not heavy nor greasy, it doesn't leave a residue on your lids making them feel heavy, which is one of the reason I love UD so much.  The liner is Mushroom, a gorgeous shimmery pale brown that has a dimensional look to it. It is sultry and sexy. and it goes of flawless. This color really does go with any shadow you use. 

Ok ladies, and gents if your following, I love, love, love this palette, I cannot stress enough how much I have used this for the last 2 summers!  This is so amazing, the colors are beautiful and there are so many ways to create the perfect summer look, whether it be at work, at the beach, a night out, whatever it may be, this palette is for you. And as I have stated before, I love matte, but this palette really turned me on to testing my creativity and going out of my safety box. Endless possibilities.

Smashbox "Shades of Fame" Palette

Look at it! AGHH  It's too perfect. As you can see I have used it, lol. But seriously. it really is something you should look into. I know Amazon is still selling them, but I am not sure if Smashbox themselves still carry this.  These are highly pigmented, super soft and easily blendable for any look. You want bright and flirty? Try mixing Pacific (blue) Sherbert (orange) and Bliss (nude) for something adorable and fun for the beach. Have fun with it.  You need something for at the office?
Try these Nude, Praline and Sandstone, for a chic everyday look.  And for you sultry ladies who are looking for a night on the town, gives these a go  Mocha, Safari and Bronze, but if you want a bit of fun, add Pacific as an undereye liner for a pop!


 Everyone wants to look flawless in the summer. It's a must have thing to make sure you don't have that heavy flushed summer look. And no one wants to feel weighed down by a heavy formulated foundation, heck liquid or mineral based. Both can be heavy and uncomfortable in the summer heat. So why not find something light, airy and with good coverage
Urban Decay Naked Foundation & TooFaced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer/Contour

I love this foundation, it has enough coverage to keep me looking good. Plus it is super lightweight
and doesn's weight my skin down, because we all know, the more heavy your makeup is, the easier it is to get premature wrinkles, and who wants that? Not this girl!  Also for contouring and a flesh colored blush to give definition, I use the TooFaced Chocolate Soliel. It helps define my face around my nose, my jawline, my cheekbones and my forehead. This is a must have to contour your face. Plus it gives a matte bronze glow.


Who loves lip products? I DO! I DO!   Every girl has a go-to lip color, maybe a sheer gloss, a rich color or a balm! WHo know but I am about to show you my absolute favorite lip duo that I use all summer long for sexy summer lips that will blow people away.
Victoria's Secret Shiny Kiss Gloss in "Candy Baby" & MAC Lipliner in "Dervish"

These two go together like peas in a really sexy pod!  Both a nude pink/fleshtone that is super durable and oh so smashing!
The VS gloss is superb, it really stays on, and looks great on any skintone. If your fair, like myself, or cocoa skinned. Then this is the product you must have in your beauty bag. Kissable and it smells delish.  The MAC liner is durable and has wonderful staying power. This is a nude lip ladies, but it looks great with anything you add to your face, and you can easily add a pop of your fave lip color to blend with Candy Baby!  

Here are the Products I use all Summer long to Keep Looking Glamorous!

As an added Dork bonus I did a little show off of how I do my lips and eyes using these  products on my thigh
(since my arms are covered with tattoos)

 For the lid I used Mocha and blended it upward towards the crease and out as a slight wing, then over that added Praline and give it a sexy golden hue, on the Lower Browbone above the crease I added Sherbert, to give some dimension and color. For the highest point of my browbone I used Sandstone, it's a beautiful highlight color. And for a pop I used Pacific under my eye an in the inner corner, then popped some bronze in with it for a beach smokey look.  :)

Well Everyone, This is the end of my Summer Go-To Products, I hope you all enjoyed and try out some of these amazing products, if you do, be sure to comment or send me a pic at AshSangreMUA@aol.com
so you can be featured as "I Tried It" Beauty of the week!

Thanks for reading!


Kat Von D Ladybird Palette & Blush

 Hey everyone!
I bought a few of Kat's products at Sephora and decided to review 2 of them.
I have never used any of her line and was excited to try it because I heard that her makeup caters to fair skinned gals/and gents :) 
The shadows are formulated without parabens, and has ingredients that include vitamin E, rose extract, and conditioning oils that keep your skin feeling smooth.
They are rich, pigmented, long lasting and easily blend-able.

So here is my review of the LadyBird Palette and The Everlasting Blush In Bellisima!!

 Ohhh PRETTY!!!   lol
Yep, that's a mirror! For easier use of putting your shadows on
Lets talk colors!
From Left to right
    1.    Fur-Elise: A smokey plum color that is matte. It is elegant, very eggplant-ish.
    2.    Vespertine: A subtle pearl color great for the browbone area to highlight
    3.    Renholder:  A pale smoky nude
    4.    Siouxie-Sioux: A deep Matte Black
    5.    Unrequited: A lovely pale pink/ flesh tone
    6.    Harlow: a Flesh Nude color, great for a base
    7.    Wolf: A rustic brown, good for crease work
    8.    Cleopatra: A burnt orange, almost like a classic brick
In all, the colors are wonderful, all Matte, all easily used for different looks


  This blush, I can honestly say I am in looove!  Bellisima is such a perfect peach color on my skin that leaves an iridescent sheen to it. almost an ethereal glow!  I have a super hard time finding a blush that compliments my fair skin, and this just works right into it!!

I cant wait to try more of her products and review them!

Thanks for reading!