July: Featured Makeup Artist


This lovely MUA is Angie AKA Goldiestarling
One of my personal favorites that is out there in the infinite interwebz
I started watching her Youtube maybe 2 years ago. I found her methods to be honest and inspiring, and she just has such a casual sweetness about her that makes her videos easy and fun to watch

She does amazing tutorials ranging from Everyday looks, Burns, scars and wounds, down to some serious facepainting!

Her Newest Tutorial!

Check out the links for Goldie!

   ‪Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Inspired Makeup‬

 Check out her CutCrease!

In Addition to her being one of the best MUA's out there she is also a very talented Jewelry Designer.

Hope you enjoyed the first of many Featured MUA's
Stay tuned for next months!

Penulis : Ash Sangre

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