August Birchbox & Ipsy Fail

Sorry that I am tardy to the party everyone. I have been super disappointed with BirchBox and Ipsy this month. 
First off my Birchbox came a little late and I was missing 2 products from my box and one of the items was completely empty!!!   So I contacted BB and they were supposed to have sent me a replacement box but I still have not gotten it.  Sad to say the Items that were in my box were pretty horrible   My BB replacement is supposed to be here today. They said up to 10 days, and today is the 10th day, they also did not send any tracking.  :/
Here is what was in the BB that I received.

All BirchBox boxes come in the same packaging

This Months Theme was "Finishing School"
Ok, First off, I do not see where the term "Finishing School" applies to anything they sent in this box.
If you have a different opinion, Please leave a comment below and let me know if you think it was appropriate for this month.

Alright. I was supposed to have gotten this kit in my BB, but it was not in there so I got in contact with Benefit and they sent me one.  I was not impressed with the amount in the samples, way too small of a portion. It will not cover a face.  


PUR-ELISE Pur Youth Reserve

This was empty in my box. The cap off and whatever was inside had dried into a crusty consistency.
I was unhappy That I could not really do a review on this, Let alone BB gives such small samples that you really cannot do an actual review.  It takes more than one use to see any type of change.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in "Beso"

I actually already have this.  It was ULTA.COM's July Free Gift for any online purchase  :/
I think that once the time expires for these free gifts at Ulta, BB gets the rest of the samples for a cheap price and sends them out.
I do not really like this formula, it dries quickly and it bleeds out. The color is nice but it could be duped with NYX Matte Lip Gloss in Red.  AT least I can say I did not get the Party Proof Lipstick by ModelCo.  I hate that brand...

Kerastase Chroma Riche

Yet again, more mini samples of a product I asked to not get in my profile.  I did try these and it did nothing to my hair whatsoever.  It had an oily feeling afterward like a film over my hair which I did not like.   BB, if your going to send a hair product, quit sending rip open samples. Send an actual deluxe size....

Sumita Contrast Eyeliner

This is the only semi decent item I received this month. The color is rich but it rubs off fairly quickly. Also it is very soft. I would suggest using this just for smudging color for a smokey eye.

All in all. It was a serious let down this month for Birchbox.  If next month does not have something better and all of my items. I will be cancelling my subscription


So I waited oh so anxiously for my Ipsy bag this month, But apparently DHL had some setbacks and I did not receive it until August 20th.  The Package was open and the only thing inside was a card saying there will be discounts this month for the products in our bags.
Ipsy took 3 days to respond by saying they will send me a replacement bag but not with the items originally intended for my bag.

I read on Ipsy's Facebook that hundreds had this issue and people are very angry.
But!!!  Ipsy refuses to change the shipping. I would rather see USPS deliver my bag that DHL who seems to open peoples bags and steal items..
So here is to hoping I get something decent.  As above stated for BB, if Ipsy cannot handle correct shipping and a replacement box doesn't have what was intended. Then I will be cancelling that as well....

On a side note. I have been doing major beauty hauls this past week so my next blog will be everything I have bought with swatches!!
Stay Tuned


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