Mini & and Haul

So as some of my faithful readers may know, I am a serious makeup junkie. If I have a few spare dollars, I will go to or and and find some clearance items that I want to try or buy something to get those free samples!  
So last week I ordered a few things and got some freebies along the way. And I tried everything, So here it is!

The Lovely ColorClub Wanderlust Collection!
Oh how lovely these enchanting colors are.  I can say some pretty nice stuff about these polishes. Sadly I don't have photos of my nails in them due to my previous blog being hacked, but I will use these again and post future updates of a Nail Look.
I seriously love these. The texture is amazing and it glides on with full coverage, not really needing to keep going over coat after coat. They remind me of "Lime Crime" nail polish, which is some of the best.  The colors are fantastic and great for summer orA~ just for awesome nail art.  
Colors are as follow from left to right:
London Calling: A refreshing Pastel Mint Green
Pardon my French: A lovely Pastel Lavender
Mod in Manhattan: A simple, yet elegant buttercream with a hint of peach
Reign in Spain: A perfect Coral with a pop of pastel
I suggest you buy them @ before they sell out!

Sephora by OPI Nailpolish in "Techno Girl"
This is a sexy bright poppy pink. It is super nice and goes on great. Not thick nor thin. A perfect texture. I never really do pink, but I decided to try a hot bubble gum color and see how it goes.

Benetint oh Benetint! How I love thee!!!!!
I always hates Stains, they dried my skin out and looked to blotchy. Until I tried this.
I love, love, love the smell of this, it smells like walking into a rose garden after a heavy rain, The scent just fills the air and enraptures you.  
You can use this as a cheek or lip stain for a natural blush. It is not dark, but more or less soft looking.  I love to use this on my lips with a hint of balm over it.
The lower photo is 1 swatch on the left, 3 on the right to show layering.
If your into the natural look. Buy this!!

My Ulta Freebies!
From top to bottom:
Benefit Stay don't stray Eyeshadow Primer
Benefit Creaseless eyeshadow in "No Pressure"
Stilla Stay all day Liquid Lipstick in "BESO"

Ok, The primer is great, comparable to Urban Decay Primer Potion, but this has a flesh/nude color which I really like since most base primers are white, and I hate white primer.  

The creaseless shadow is pretty nice, I like the color, but it is a bit too shimmer for me personally, but it does stay pretty well. Comparable to MAC Paintpot

The lipstick is amazing. I usually don't go for the bright red's but.... This one is very sensational and reminds me of Snow White.  Very matte and stays forever (not literally people)  but pretty darn close.
It is comparable to Lime Crime Velvetines 

Pacifica Rollerball in Island Vanilla!  OMG it smells divine. Like vanilla sauce being cooked. It reminds me when I was little when my mom used to make vanilla sauce around christmas. It is almost an edible smell. LOL   Pacifica products smell super wonderful, all of the ones I have smelled are great!

Charlotte Russo A Summers Kiss Bronzer.  This stuff is the best bronzer I have ever used. Most are gross and make me feel orange. This gave me such a beautiful natural glow. I adore it!!!
It has a golden peachy glow to it to enhance skin, not cover it....

That is all for this little haul!
See you next time