July 2013 Birchbox

Hi Everyone! 
I finally got my Birchbox in the mail. This is my first box from them and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I got. Some things had a few "Ehh's" but otherwise I was very satisfied.
I am going to post photos of everything that was in the box and give a small review of each item.
So here we go!

First, I love the simple elegant packaging that it comes in. Not too much. 
The Theme this month was "POWER PLAY" based on USA's hit TV Series "SUITS"
I guess it is leaning towards business women who are in power.
Pretty decent.
Let's get to what's inside the bag...

The first item up on the chopping block for review is-
ModelCo Matte Lipstick in "Peony"

Ok. Let me get this straight. Basically this specific lipstick is supposed to be MATTE
UM NO....
No at all. If you look at the last photo, the color is sheer. with a high sheen. No Matte whatsoever.
I was very confused as to why they state it is a matte color when clearly it's not. So that was a thumbs down for me.
Secondly, it says that it is supposed to have major staying power. That is another big fat lie. It comes right off like lipgloss.  No joke.  I hate when companies say things that have no relevance towards the product. Just be simple, and honest. I mean that is what the consumers want right?
Lastly, the color.  It is a mauve color, with a hint of fuchsia.  But the mediocrity of the pigment leave it lackluster and grandma-ish.  It really drabs down the color of my skin.  So, this went straight to a family member. Hopefully they can get use out of it.
Sorry Birchbox.  This was a real no-no

Gena Pedicure Foot Cream-  What can I say. I hate anything for my feet. I specifically put in my quiz that I did NOT want body products. But, Eh. I got this crap. It smells odd and did absolutely nothing to my feet. I hope they stop sending stuff like this out in the boxes...   I also gave this to a family member.  Birchbox. Why???  lol. Onto the next!!!!

ICON India Oil-
Oh yes, this was nice. Even though I didn't want hair products. I did try this and loved it.  The scent. Oh let me tell you, it reminds me of my teen years when I went into the creepy magick stores that had all that nifty incense lit that made it all groovy :)
It does smell like that and it is kinda intoxicating.  The texture of this was nice, not too thin and not sticky. It felt so luxurious in my hair and made a huge difference in my dry locks.  I am def buying a bottle of this.  

Birchbox Hair pins!
How cute are these babies?  Heavy duty, sturdy and heavy for thick hair (sadly my hair is thin)
But these are uber adorable and will go great in my hair if I wear it to the side or up.  I love these and thought it was great that Birchbox would make these.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream-
Super awesome!  Best thing in this box! My skin is super dry and when I put this miracle cream on my skin felt sooooo good. And boy did it hydrate my skin.  It looked so much more healthy and glowing, the redness in my cheeks disappeared.  And it shrunk the tiny fine lines around my eyes.  Super small sample but I will be buying the full size tube. Thanks Birchbox for this amazing treatment!  I love it!

So I give this box a 7/10  Mainly because I hated the lipstick and the foot cream. But the rest was marvelous. Stay tuned for next month!


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