My Fall Favorites

Hey everyone. I decided to do a little show of my Fall Favorites. Technically it isn't Fall yet but these are the items I just started to use and fell in love with. I am using these all season long!!  

Check it out!!

So every season us makeup junkies have some sort of new trend we start to do, the weather changes and so does our skin and skin tones. So it is high useful to try new themes and new items for each season to change it up a bit and stay trendy in the MU world.  I went on a huge haul
 (this is not nearly all the items)
And these are what I found most stunning for the fall season.
I hope you enjoy and eventually try some!

This is the Coastal Scents Neutral Mirage Palette.  It comes with 88 wonderfully Fall Themed shadows that are a combination of Matte and Shimmer/Metallic

  • The first 24 shades are more Pink and White shades that are good for a lid base and shading also highlighting and possibly contouring around the eyes and nose area if you choose a matte color
  • The next set of 40 shades are Golden and orange tones with a slight set of Taupe colors as well. These are beautifully pigmented and remind me of the desert and beautiful fall leaves. These are blendable and look amazing on all skintones. There is also some wonderful coral colors along these as well that mix for a beautiful blend of sunset looking eyes.
  • The Third set of colors are Green, Blue and Plum shades that are amazing and work well with the gold sets. These are easily described as Foliage colors and Plum/ Mauve for earthy tones. There also seems to be a bit of Greys in there as well for some sexy, sultry Stormy Looks..
All in all this is a perfect Palette for Fall.  I love the blending capabilities of this, they are super pigmented and not powdery at all.  I get virtually no fallout during the process of placing these on my eyes and if you use a good Primer, these colors really pop.!!!

Next up on the Fall Faves is!

Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eye Primer Potion
This formula not only locks shadow in place to give you vibrant, crease-free color that lasts all day; it also measurably improves the signs of aging over time. High-tech ingredients fight wrinkles and improve tone and texture, while optical blurring pigments create a subtle, soft-focus effect that instantly wakes up tired eyes and minimizes the appearance of redness, crepiness and other imperfections.
As stated by in the description
I really like the fact that they came out with one specifically for anti-aging. As some know, it causes early wrinkles and creasing when you use eyeshadows, so when it comes to this featherlight formula to place on the eyes, it is really great.   Very soft and lasts all day.

Next is the TOOFACED "Better than Sex" Mascara.  And boy can I tell you, it may be close to sex in my book.  I have shorter asian style lashes and I usually buy Lancome Oscillation Mascara but this really blows it away and half the price of Lancome as well.  This really heightens and lengthens your lashes on a whole new level of "WOW"  I had to buy my mom a tube as well.  This is really my new fave item!

Last but not least in "MAC Rapidblack PenLiner"
I love, love, love liquid pen liners for that sexy pinup cat eye look, and this blows me away and how this and precise it is to create that perfect smoldering cat eye.  Super black, one of the darkest liner colors available in my opinion and stays put until you want it to come off.

Next Up!

Gurl! How do you keep your face so Flawless and perfect!?
I always get asked this question and the answer is!
DR. JART BB BALM Black Label Detox Blend!!!
This stuff is super great for covering any flaws in your face and buffing them out into perfection. It is super silky and has a great Texture.  Often BB creams would give me small bumps on my face because I am super sensitive, but this. OMG. It is amazing 
If you haven't tried a BB Cream due to high sensitivity, you gotta get some of this. Sephora stores would gladly give you samples to last for quite some time to see how it works on your skin. This is also a Universal color that matches anyones skintone unless you are very dark, in that case there is a deeper toned BB cream.
I Adore this!!

Next!!!!!  :)

Lips, Lips, Lips Ladies!!
We must keep them smooth and fine right?

I just started to use this only because of the scent, and I am so glad I did.
I have larger plump lips that tend to crack easily and most balms are chunky and do not help whatsoever in the chapping department.
This specific one here is in the scent 
"Clove Cigarette"
No, it does not smell like a cigarette at all, but it has the lovely smell of cloves 

Flavor Notes: Crushed Clove, Lavender Rose, Saigon Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean
This is made with Jasmine and Bee Balm to hydrate and replenish your lips.
Tokyomilk has a large selection of different scents to suit your fancy.
Everytime I put this on it makes me yearn for a Starbucks Chai Latte !

Next up!!

Yummy, you smell soooo good!
I am a huge Perfume nut. I have to have tons to fit my everyday attitude and appearance.
I usually go for more Organic smelling scents and boy does this one hit the rim of Yum!
Same as the Tokyomilk Balm above, this is made by the same brand and smells so irresistible and luscious that you can drown yourself in it.
Tainted Love No 62
Fragrance Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood
This is such an earthy sexy smell.
I can tell you this, my boyfriend has allergies and does not like the smell of most fragrances, but he cannot keep his hands off me when I wear this ;)

Sadly this little doosy  is out of stock for the time being, Luckily I just bought this last week.

And last but not least!

 Ugh!!   I love to have sensual highlights on my face that look radiant and sunkissed.
This MAC Mineralize Skin Finish is a true find. 
It has such dimension and depth that is truly changes your face into something ethereal.
Soft and lightweight it has notes of White, pink and gold in the mix for a dewy finish. I use this on the high planes of my face for a soft glow.

This is it people. 
My Fall Favorites!
Stay tuned for more updates and a huge giveaway coming in October!


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